the superhero family

 I am so happy to finally post this painting, I've been loving it since the day I made it, which, if you know me, was well over six months ago, at the very least. If there's one hint for when this illustration was made, just check out the kitty in the picture... Yeah, you guessed it, it was a (different kind of) Christmas family portrait. The client wanted this to be a Christmas present but didn't necessarily want all the typical holiday-themed elements. And one clever way I thought we could suggest the spirit of the winter holidays was through the colours. So that's why you will see a lot of red tones and shades of green, with hints of gold here and there. The reason the baby is in a royal shade of purple is because he's the king, obviously. His sweater hints at that quite thoroughly. Overall, I love the whole vibe of this portrait, it is so cosy and it represents what I would say is a very family-type of moment. 



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