younger dryas - beer labels for primordial brewing

 It's been a bit quiet here lately, I apologise for that, but I've been working in the background and can't wait to showcase my work here. It's going to take a while though. Until then, here are some past projects that I've worked on, if you follow me on Insta you've probably seen these already, but here we are with the story behind the paper. 

So... I made these a while back, for the guys over at Primordial Brewing, we've had a few collaborations in the past, for this label and this label. This time we approached the younger dryas-impact theory for the label artwork. And since they had three beers for this launch, we made three variations of the concept, using different colour palettes, which I interpreted as three moments in a day: dawn, dusk and midnight. Since you have some choices here, let me know which one's your favourite.




If you want to see the videos behind the papers, make sure to check my Instagram reels and my TikTok.



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