21 July, 2014

i see monsters

Just some illustrations I made for Uman Shop along the way. They became banners, posters and some might have not even made the cut. Either way, it is a monster invasion!

And for the ones below, I also experimented with digital textures and digital colouring. To learn, To learn, To learn!

Monsters illustrations - marker/ watercolour on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

18 July, 2014

interview for unica

My partnership with Breslo is proving to be really fruitful and I'm really thankful for all the opportunities that I have had along the way. One of them, came this week, from Unica, a national glossy magazine, in collaboration with Breslo. They have been promoting must-watch Romanian designers lately and for this week they chose to write an article about me. 
You can read the entire interview Here.