05 October 2015

the football team

Hello critters,
I've made this portrait for a small family that's part of a much larger one. They are related to this green family and this Thomas-loving family. And all of them are connected through one of my best friends who had these portraits made for them. Since they all live over seas, all the way to the United States, I find it amazing how art has no boundaries. 

The football family - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | soccer, family, baby toys, best mom
colour | various 

02 October 2015

plant project - coffea

Hello critters,

Another week has passed and another plant must be added to the collection. This one goes out to a person that changed my life and my sister's as well, through music. He taught us a lot about bands, musicians and music genres, and I bought most of my music collection from his store. He had the most popular music store from my city when I was growing up. 

The coffea | watercolour on paper

But since this is a plant project, I couldn't paint a record to represent him, so we chose a plant that suits his other passion, coffee. He's a frequent traveller to Greece, where he learnt all his traits about making coffee. Now he has a coffee & record shop called Viniloteca, that you should definitely check out when you're in town.

Artist: Dushky | Tattoo artist: Attila from Bizzzart Tattoo | Tattooed on: Ina

30 September 2015

family picnic

Hello critters,

I'm super busy lately with oh so many portraits, but some other cool projects as well. I don't want to start posting bits and pieces from each one as I am too much of an organised person, so I want to finish what I've started. The Creatures with Features project seems to be never-ending, and that's a good thing, but I have so many unposted that I want to catch up a bit. 

Now that my schedule is up-to-date, here is one cool portrait I've made for a friend which was a gift for her friend. Makes sense. I loved this setting, it really redefined what I usually painted in the background, since this was a full-on story. But I'm really pleased with the result and I'm still obsessed with her dress.

A family picnic portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 29,7 cm

theme | picnic, family, dress, baby, elephant toy, crown, bike
colour | yellow, green, blue & accent colours

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