27 September 2016

the couples

I've been drawing a lot of faces lately, people I don't personally know, but whom I discover through their stories that I imprint on paper. And each story is different, each person is different and I guess that's what keeps everything interesting. And even though most of the illustrations I make in this project are about couples and their love stories, I'm still amazed how none of the finished portraits loo alike

The fiancées - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 14,8x21 cm

  • theme: couple, bust
  • colour: red, yellow, green

The riders - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme: happy couple, bike, skate, Brasov landmark
  • colour: blue, green, various

23 September 2016

suburban magazine feature

It's been a while since I was interviewed about my work and input in the illustration scene from my little country, so when I got "the call" from the lovely writer Andra for a feature in the Suburban magazine, I did not hesitate. 

I loved her take on thing and most of all, her honesty and was so humbled for the introduction she wrote. And also, how awesome is the layout of it all? You can check out the full interview here or by clicking on the picture below.

20 September 2016

urban jungle

I'm so, so excited about this collaboration that I can't even contain myself. I was asked by BETA / Bienala Timișoreană de Arhitectură, to be a part of their campaign called Privește Orașul (Observe the city) and being a devoted lover of this city, of course I was on board from the get go. The project revolves around locals telling their personal stories or a personal experience about the city.

The urban jungle - illustration for BETA's campaign - Privește Orașul / story by Horia Colibășanu - watercolour on paper | 30x32 cm

My story was from a well known mountain climber, Horia Colibășanu, who talks about his urban adventures while riding his bike to work. You can read it in full on the campaign's site - Priveste Orasul > Ilustratii. I loved his story from the start, because it was so honest and comically optimistic about some, not so great, but real parts and everyday situations that happen in this city.

So read the story, then try to find all the small details from it in the illustration. If you know the city of Timișoara well, I've added some small easter eggs for you too. 

There are ten illustrations to be made by ten different local artists, and people from the city are invited to write their one story, theirs might just get picked to be put on paper.

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