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the girl with starry lips

This might be a new post for my project with fashion portraits with a space twist, but the illustration is actually quite old. I wanted to share it on Instagram the other day, since my art account there is relatively new, I had to post my most precious art pieces from the beginning of time up until now. So I realised then and there, that this one slipped out of my blog's pages as well. 
Oh, but now I remember. I had mixed feelings about posting this, because I wasn't completely satisfied with how the figure turned out. I'm not gonna say where my mistakes are, because honestly, I don't want to shoot myself in the foot. So if you if you see them, good. I know they're there too. But anyway, here she is, The Girl With Starry Lips. Did I mention I want to get back to doing this? I think I did. Multiple times. I even made the first step into making a personalised hashtag for the series on Insta, 'cause that was the most important step, right? By the way, did you kno…

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