30 November 2015

a fitness mommy

This week is all about individuals. I have four single portraits lined up so I thought I'll do a little marathon. First up is a lady who's about to become o mom and as a birthday present a friend wanted to portray her in a different way. She's all glamed up, even when she's going to the gym. Here's my view of her.

Fitness mommy custom portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | treadmill, mirror, baby bump, salad, makeup
colour | blue, green

27 November 2015

our house

Do you remember the picture we drew as kids? With our families, a house in the background and the sun in the corner? This portrait reminds me of those drawings and memories, back to the base of basics. And I love the "kiddish" feel of it, it takes me back to a somehow simpler way thinking and creating a composition. But I kept it in the true form of the creatures with features project. And I added some splashy autumn (water-)colours that, I think, give the illustration a warm, cosy feel. 

Little house on the prairie - custom portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | house, cats, deer
colour | autumn palette, earth tones

24 November 2015

a traditional couple

Here's a couple that loves the outdoors so much that it's already embedded in their personalities. I'm glad I finally got to incorporate one of our traditional Romanian blouses in this illustration, since it became a worldwide trade mark in these past years. I get the feeling that this is only the beginning, since they are very popular amongst our modern, yet traditional, ladies. 

A traditional couple's portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | traditional blouse, cooking, car designs, dog
colour | blue, green, white, accent colours

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