14 September, 2014

wedding invitation

I started to tell you in the previous post about the fact that I made the illustration for my sister's wedding invitations. It was no ordinary wedding but a very rock'n'roll one. And this was one of the main "ingredients" for the illustration, alongside colours, rainbows, tattoos, music and beer; things that represent the groom and bride. This is the final version, the coloured one.

And the printed version...

...and the logo

08 September, 2014

wedding invite illustration

I don't usually do weddings, but when I do, they are awesome. My sister got married this summer and for their party they've decide to make the invitations a little bit different. Luckily she has an artist in the family, so I helped out with the artwork. Here's an illustration I made for the invite, I'll show you the final version in the next post.

 Hand illustration - marker on paper | 29.7 x 21 cm

And here's a small logo, also part of the wedding invitation.