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the two in one

Funny how these two portraits came in as separate orders, months apart, but went out to one couple. I always enjoy being part of someones' surprise gift and overall happiness. It's scorching hot out here, so I have my little fan (the object, not an actual person) and just the thought of posting this winter's works, keeps me a tad cooler. Did I say winter and actually imply that I'm behind with my posts again? Oh never mind... here's TODAY's works (*wink and grin*).
The ski rider & The mountain climber - custom portraits - watercolour on paper | 21x14,9 cm
Details, details...

theme: snow, mountains, ski, car, urban guerillacolour: purple, white, accent colours


theme: climbing, mountains, Herculane, snake, t-shirtcolour: purple, earth tones 

And framed

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