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overgrown deer

It wouldn't be a proper Christmas without a deer or two. Especially two. Now, I haven't got Rudolph in here but I have some of his more artistic cousins. I've been drawing a few things in this style for quite some time now and I can feel it becoming a thing. I've just recently given it a name, the Overgrown series. It's mainly a double-exposure experiment, but in illustration not photography. I make things from other things. Basically.
I drew a couple of deer (my favourites) for a dear (pun intended) friend of mine. I think they fit lovely in her home, I'll try and find the pictures she took and post them on my facebook page. The second deer I drew is coming up next, and that style is also one that you're probably familiar with.

 Overgrown Deer / commissionedillustration — pen on paper / Ps edit —

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