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the stay-at-home couples

Over two weeks at home and I feel like people are going crazy. Luckily I still have work to do so I don't feel the boredom kicking in yet. I have a long list of to-do's that I've barely dealt with. But that is also that I'd thought it would be better to work more relaxed, less hours, stretch out the projects, so I have something to do every day. No one is in a rush with anything these days anyway. My pessimistic self says we're going to be in this situation for at least another month, so there is enough time for everything. But then again, I worry about the after-effects of this pandemic.
Anyway, I've picked two portraits today that have interior backdrops, to kind of share the mood of staying at home. With the usual activities like cooking, reading, taking care of our plant buddies, maybe some Playstation and Netflix & chill.

The Hobbies / custom portrait — watercolour on paper —

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