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fibonacci spiral tattoo design

When I was in middle school I used to be really good at math, I especially loved calculus and solving long, long equations. But I wasn't all that great with geometry. I don't know why, since the visual realm is basically my form of learning. Then in high-school I don't know what the heck happened, but it was like I dumbed down and forgot all the mathematics I've learnt up until then. I was studying different fields, and they cut math all together from the curriculum, replacing it with some classes, that I am super grateful for today by the way, like colour chemistry and colour psychology and art techniques throughout history. But I missed pushing my brain with calculus. And let me tell you something, you will need math for the rest of your life. No matter what everyone says. For your bills, your financing, physics, astronomy, the way the world works, everything is basically math. But no worries, I didn't get stupid, in university, I picked up on math again, when w…

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