24 June, 2015

lavender robots

One of the many perks of my job is making people happy. But this couple I had to illustrate made me happy as well. I'm glad when I get to portray interesting people and I just love this couple's story, interests and especially their occupations, because that gave the entire feel of this custom portrait. She is a hand-made queen and he loves robots and technology. So it's really cool how they mix together and how it all fits under a field of lavender.

Lavender and robots custom portrait - watercolour & liner on paper | 21 x 29,7 cm

theme | lavender, hand-made, bike, robots, game console, pug
colour scheme | purple, natural colours

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19 June, 2015

the plant project - blue bell

As you might have guessed by now, the plant project is a special series of illustrations I made for my sister's full sleeve tattoo. I'm more than proud to have my art under her skin forever, it kind of gives it more meaning. 

Today's illustration didn't quite make the cut, it was originally supposed to represent my mom, she loves blue-bells or hyacinths, we would always get one in a pot for almost every occasion. But apparently they are quite pretentious and demand a certain kind of care, so they never bloomed twice. In the end, we chose another flower for her, I'll write about it in another post. Until that time, here are the little purple flowers, on paper.

The hyacinth | watercolour on paper

29 May, 2015

the plant project - strelitzia

Continuing the plant project with something more wild: the strelitzia flower. It's unusual shape also makes it known as the crane flower or bird of paradise flower. And it's also the favourite flower of another person that has recently become my family, I call her my second mom. She also loves orchids and the colour green. But she's more dear to my sister's heart, so that's why she's a part of this project.

The Strelitzia | watercolour on paper

And here's the flower under the skin

Artist: Dushky | Tattoo artist: Attila from BizzzartTattoo | Model: Ina

27 May, 2015

little heroes save the day

I don't usually check my art folders in my computer, but when I do, I realise I'm really behind schedule with editing and posting stuff. And so, I've found evidence of a customisation project I've done earlier this year, about the same time I made the bike book (actually they were a two-in-one project). It was done for a cool hair-dresser who also commissioned the batman book a year ago. So this notebook, like the others, will serve as an appointments agenda and also for writing down plans to conquer the world (just kidding). I enjoyed creating kiddish superheroes and honestly I hope can find some time (or drive) to make one for myself one day.

The Superheroes custom book - paint & acrylic markers on eco-leather book covers | 21 x 14,8 cm

| theme: superheroes, hair-styling tools
| colour scheme: super colourful

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21 May, 2015

the plant project - the tulip

This is the beginning of a new project and also something new for my line of work. It all started as a tattoo project for my sister but at the same time for many others dear to me. I don't want to give it all away from the get-go, because it's such a long process that I'll be out of words by the third illustration.

Nevertheless, I'll start off with a splash of red: the tulip. This flower represents a friend of mine, who's in love with tulips and the colour red. I once made a pillow with these flowers for her so it's quite a no-brainer what gifts we nee to make for her. 

The Tulip | watercolour on paper

And here's the tulip under the skin.

Artist: Dushky | Tattoo artist: Attila from BizzzartTattoo | Model: Ina

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