19 April, 2014

down the rabbit hole

I had to make an illustration for Uman Shop's Easter banners and campaigns and somehow I got a little carried away. So I made four. I'm keeping this post short and let you all get back to your eggs and pies...
Happy Easter little critters!

Bunny illustrations - watercolour & markers on paper | A4

17 April, 2014

constructing love

I've had yet another customisation coming my way, not too long ago; this time, it was made with love and not just mine, but the gift-giver's as well. I customised a daily planner book for a young lady who was on her way to studying architecture. So the theme was mainly based on that fact. With hints of the couple and their love as well. I enjoyed working on it, knowing it would make a really thoughtful gift. 

Architectural Love custom notebook - paint markers & fine-liner on eco-leather book | A5
| theme: cute portraits, heart, architecture

07 April, 2014

sketchy backgrounds

I've made these for a project that unfortunatelly didn't take, but heck, it was good practice. I've been thinking that they could be a good starting point for me to work on my digital colouring, although I can't promise I'll get that done soon.

Background illustrations - markers & fine-liner on paper | A4

26 March, 2014

the opposite of adults

My cute little Monk, gave me inspiration. And since I couldn't have him for ever I thought I'd capture him in watercolour. Let the doodling begin...

Kiddish illustrations - watercolour, marker & mechanical pen on paper | A5

14 March, 2014

feature friday - glossy magazines

This past week, it was a real joy to find my hand-made accessories in some of the most well-known local glossy magazines. So thank you, it was a great pleasure! And thanks to Breslo as well, for making it happen!

featured in Bravo Girl magazine | Red Orange Owl pin

featured on Unica online | Earth Stone necklace

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