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family based care tasmania - logo designs

 W hen I keep saying that I'm not really a logo designer, I'm not just trying to be humble. But in the past few years, people stubbornly thought that I could do it, even when I didn't, so I tried and gave it my best. And I have to thank them for pushing me, otherwise, I don't think I would have had the courage to try. I've shared some of the recent work I did in the logo design department, after I got my tablet, practiced on it, and learned how to work (and get along) with vectors, but I don't think I've ever shared some of my very early works. I probably was too embarrassed. But I've come to realize that I shouldn't be. We all start somewhere, no matter at what point we are in our lives, and the journey we have to get where we are is just proof of the hard work we've put into it so far.  Now, I don't remember which was my very first logo design but here's a part of that journey, made for a team from FamilyBasedCare Tasmania , that believ

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