the landscapes and cityscapes

Not only that these two have beautiful, a little bit similar backdrops, and both travelled far away in other countries, but the people portrayed are also people I know quite well, commissioned by other people that I know. So by friends, for friends to friends. Thank you guys for supporting me and my art!

I did another experiment in my lab with these, I went for some graphic touches on the watercolour base, and I love the result. I always joke, that I'm more of a colour scientist, doing experiments in my lab, rather than just an illustrator. Hence the "today in the lab" tag I use on my Insta stories. Which you can check out at all times on My Page.

The Happy Campers / custom portrait
— watercolour & pen on paper — 


The Globe Trotters / custom portrait
— watercolour & pen on paper — 



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