ai pi iei label illustration for bereta

I know what you're thinking, "didn't the 'Ai Pi Iei beer came out already? Like years ago?". And yes, you are right, it did. It looked like this. It came back... with a face-lift. I've said this before in previous Bereta-related posts, that the guys are making some of the beers to be their label's core ones. We already gave Citro a makeover, now it's time for the 'Ai Pi Iei label (which secretly is my all time favourite). We went big, so we didn't go home; these are the main character and the hop-heads, representing the five Bereta guys ready to kick some (m)asse. There are a lot of neat details piled up in there, so I hope you'll find them all.

'Ai Pi Iei / beer label
— pen on paper & Ph colouring—


Concept: Bereta
Illustration: Dushky
Coluring & label design: Sorin Bechira



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