drip coffee - logo and graphics

I don't usually tackle the big design jobs, because, honestly, I don't think I'm that good at it. And when I say design, I mean logos, menu or invite designs and branding. Graphics I can handle a little bit better. But I'm learning, no biggie, I'm just like an old dog, to whom you can teach new tricks but it takes a while to sink in. 

Seems I'm slightly slipping off topic, but my point is, that I received this challenge, to make a simple logo design and some graphics for a coffee shop here in Bucharest and I am very grateful for them entrusting me with this. And I have to say, they've done an amazing job with the entire feel and look of the coffee shop.

So without further ado, here are some sketches from the process...

And the graphics for the to-go cups, I think this is still a pending design, but I just love how it turned out. The whole comics thing is starting to grow on me.

And here's a mockup of the logo. Now when I say logos are a hard task for me, I don't necessarily mean I look at the computer dumbfounded, but I think I've just been so used to create complex pieces, always saying that details are my 'thing', that when I have to reduce an entire concept to a simple shape, it's just so hard for me not to "complicate" it. But I think I did well.



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