meatbusters - beer label design

 You're probably getting sick and tired of me making beer labels but it is what it is so here we go with another one. This time it was for a bistro in Timișoara where you will find some of the best pork ribs & burgers in town. Trust me, you have to try them. I also recommend the sweet potato fries and the mac & cheese, but you do you. So after the good food come the good drinks, right? And what goes pork? Wine? No, no, no... Beer! So the Meatbusters fellows wanted to make their own so that's where I came in... to help... with the label, you know what I meant. I used some of the graphics they already had, added their logo, put some elements here and there, some of my own pizzazz, some text and info... Done! Seems simple and easy but it actually took me a while. Like how it looks though.

I actually made a few other concepts, I'll add some mock-ups here so you can pick your favourite.



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