linear pastel bird

 Continuing the small series of custom-painted projects, the second part of the wooden paintings is of a bird similar in style to the neon one, but this time I thought I'd take advantage of the big range of pastels I got with my Schneider markers bundle and create a lovely palette which you will see below. This one gave me a bit of a hard time because initially, I wanted to leave the background bare, and get that nice wood texture peeking through but I soon came to realise marker and wood do not mix well if there's no primer. Unknowingly, I did it right the first time. But I managed to fix it quickly and if I didn't tell you about it right now, you would have probably never noticed. So here it is, the final result, in the end, I added a coat of varnish on top to keep everything in place. I can't wait to hang these up somewhere.

Of course, there's a documented video of the entire process, I will link it below once it's up and running.



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