juicebag - bereta beer label illustration

How come every time I want to write a post, I find that I have no photos edited for whatever I want to write about? I prepare them in advance so I only have to write the posts, but somehow I never seem prepared enough. There must be a glitch in the Matrix or the Universe, or somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. 

Juicebag / Bereta - beer label design - pen on paper | 21x29,7 cm

Anyway, I've mentioned my collab with the beer-makers from Bereta quite a few times on this blog, you can see all I've drawn for them so far: HERE. Next in our story is the new (old) label for their Juicebag beer, I assume we all get the "pun" here. They've made three different beers from this type, each having a slight change in the recipe and a slight change in the label as well.

It's not just the colour if you look closely.

illustration by Dushky
coluring and design by Sorin Bechira


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