cat doodle

This week was a week of good changes. I've finished and posted my logo-portrait, updated the look of my blog and my blog-shop and and I have to say I'm really proud of how everything turned out. I'm also happy to say I finally uploaded some projects on my Behance portfolio, more soon to come. So go ahead, check it out, give it a thumbs up, follow me if you'd like, I know I will appreciate it.

And one of the best parts of all this, is that I went through all my artwork and reorganised everything. So I stumbled upon this, I think I sketched it while trying to get some inspiration for one of the notebook designs I did previously. I find it weird still, but as you've probably read me before, I always say that doodling randomly is something I miss and hope to get back to. Nowadays, where drawing is also my job, finding the time to just sketch silly things is very hard, and sometimes I have to force myself and really put it in my calendar so I can remember to just sit back, relax and enjoy drawing for the fun of it. Isn't that weird?


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