leaf wall

This little mural here was pretty much an improv. Because what do you do when you have to patch a wall and you're left with a big white blotch on your green wall aaand you also have an artistically challenged sister? You make the best of it, that's what. Again, my sis gave me complete freedom to paint whatever I wanted and of course, I took me a while. In the end, we went with leaves: the oh-so-famous monstera, oak, fern and some other made-up/ real leaves. And since the wall was green, the leaves had to be in a fall colour scheme... because they were fallen leaves, doh, of course everything was thought through and intended. I'm not stupid.

Fallen Leaves / mural
— acrylic & marker on wall —

Quick funny story: my little nephew was so cute with this. He wouldn't let anyone touch the wall, because when I was paiting he wanted to paint too and so I told him he has to wait for the paint to dry, and that would take a few days. And for weeks, whenever someone visited my sister's, he would take them to the wall and say "don't put your hand on it, it's not dry yet". He was so funny. If you're not smilling even a little bit, then I guess you had to be there... or it's just me.



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