the indoors and outdoors

This autumn was great, but now it's finally winter. I'm not super excited about the cold but it does start with one of my favourite months of the year, December. Even though we had snow already, we still have some sunny days... cold as hell, but sunny nonetheless. It makes me want to go for a walk but when I get outside I take a 5 min power walk and go back in. It's quite confusing.

But no worries. I found two portraits that fit each one of those moods. One for when you want to stay in, enjoy some fun activities, work on your hobbies and the other one, for when you want to go out, go for a walk, explore new cities, enjoy the local foods.

The stories behind the papers keep coming and they are getting more and more complex. I just love working on the backdrops as much as I do on the characters. You probably can tell by the amount of detailed-pictures I post for each portrait. I'm trying to limit myself to a couple, but I just think they're worth showing.

The Astro Workshop / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —


The Marketplace / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —



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