deconstructed poppy flower & snail - tattoo designs

I was glad when a one of my cousins came up to me and asked me to design their tattoo. I didn't know they appreciated me like that (shoutout to my sis who has 90% of her tatts designed by me... might as well be dubbed her official tattoo designer). So thanks for trusting me, girls, you are truly awesome!

The designs are pretty simple, but sometimes simple is best. I also gave them my favourite tattoo illustration style touch, and that is geometricising (is that a word?) them. I found a new word that I like, so let's just say I fragmented (I know that is a word) them. I'll look up to see if she send me some pics with the end result under the skin.

Geometric Poppy Flower / tattoo design
— watercolour & marker on paper —


Geometric Snailtattoo design
— watercolour & marker on paper —



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