over the rainbow tattoo

So glad to have found some coincidences while preparing this post. First of all, I posted the tattoo design around this time, last year. I also got to a point where I've updated my artist insta page enough to have some posts crossover with actual blog posts. That is huge. It shows I'm track to — not being organised, because turst me, I am, some might say to the point of OCD, but that's ok with me — finally catch up here, in the online, with my neat and tidy personality from every day life.

Anyhow, the story behind this tattoo design is already up in the post with the illustration, today's post is about the finished look, the art #undertheskin. I am so proud to have, not only a great friend, but also an amazing artist (Odette), wear one of my designs on her skin, it's truly amazing and an honour. 

I've also prepped more posts with the finished tattoos from the designs I've been making and posting so far, so stay tuned. Colour is coming this year. Again.

designed by Dushky / for Odette / tattooed by Florin Zaharia



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