moon wolf tattoo

I've been putting off this post for, I think, three years now, not on purpose, but whenever I saw the pending post I just didn't know what to write about it. Sadly, the story behind this tattoo is still not really something I want to get into, but I don't want to just dismiss the work that was put into this, on my part and on the tattoo artist's part. He did an amazing job with bringing this to life, but then again, I had no doubts that he could do that. At the end of the day, I still appreciate that someone wants to wear my art, it is always an honour.

You can see the illustration's post here. This was also part of a 'two-sleeve' project, but unfortunatelly, I don't have pictures with the second one. That one was the Sun Owl design, and in case you don't remember it, I'll link it here

designed by Dushky / tattooed by Attila from Bizzzart Tattoo



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