linear coffeeplant - tattoo design

I get very frustrated going through my blog posts and my to-do list and find that I've skipped over so many things. I don't know why this keeps happening, it's like I have a scrambled brain, because, in general in life, I am the most organised person, like that is my true thing. But you know what? It's hard nowadays to keep up with so many platforms. And you have to invest in all of them if you want your work out there and to be seen. There are just too many, and I am only one person, who besides, doing the actual art also has to do at least 3 more jobs. around that. And these my friends, are the real struggles of a freelance artist of today. You feeling me?

But let's get back to today's business. I've already shared with some of you this illustration over on Instagram, but the time has come, apparently, today, to share it here as well. The concept was very simple and quite obvious, but that's why I just love the result. I love this out-of-shape colouring style and I think I'm keeping it for the long run. 

Coffee Plant / tattoo design
watercolour & ink on paper

And here are some in-progress shots of the tattoo, courtesy of its generous owner. 


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