spotted owl - owl beer label design

For the past few months (actually, almost a year now) I've been collaborating with Owl Beer, a small brewing company from my hometown in creating illustrations for their beers, but also designing their labels entirely. And today I'll take it back to the beginning. And it all started with a small owl illustration and a minimal design, just enough to look like I knew what I'm doing. Now, I know my way around the pencils and watercolours but when it comes to designing things digitally, I might move around like a boomer. I was a late bloomer in this sense, but I am very appreciative for the fact that the Owl guys were trusting enough to let me experiment and learn along the way, and for giving me creative freedom, and to the Bereta guys who helped a lot with this project, helped us both understand how to do this better. I feel like I've learned a lot with this project, and I'm super grateful for all of this, every single day. 

Spotted Owl / label illustration & design
— pen & watercolour on paper / Ph & Ai —



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