gala - t-shirt print design

My girlfriends mean a lot to me, from my mom and sister to my best friends whom I've had close for decades now. There's just something special about how we form lasting bonds and relationships with people, how we come to love them, trust and support them no matter what. Today is about all my ladies, including the ones I've put on paper. This is one of my heartfelt projects, very happy whenever I get the chance to portray one more girl for the collection. This is #TheGirlWith project and the latest girl to join the squad is Gala. You probably already have met her on my Instagram, seen her at Tombabe or you may already have a t-shirt in your closet with her face on it. She's pretty famous, you know? She's the fourth Tombabe print design and for once in my life, I actually posted about her while the tees are still available. 

You can grab your Gala and many other goodies in the Tombabe shop, which is now live.

Meet Gala / print design
— pen & watercolour on paper / Ph edit —



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