linear flowers - tattoo design

 This week is when we celebrate Easter and even though I'm not very religious, I do like bunny-shaped chocolate, painting eggs and the tradition of spending time with family. And if you thought this post was about bunnies or rabbits, you were most definitely... wrong. I don't have one. Hopefully, I'll draw one in the meantime (if I do, you'll see it on my insta), but if I don't here's a very spring-ish illustration of a bunch of mountain flowers that I custom-drew for a tattoo design (that's right... a while ago). So if nothing made sense so far, I think what I'm trying to say here is that with this illustration right here, I wish you all a lovely spring and a nice Easter. Hopefully, you are with your loved ones, taking a bit of a break from anything. And if you're not, hang in there, be strong, better times are coming your way. 



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