the garden rocks

 It's that time of the week guys, time for the Different-kind-of-Portrait of the day. Today's feature is an illustration of a young family, enjoying a nice sunny day in the backyard, doing some gardening, having a picnic, and having a good time. Kind of what I wish I would be doing right now, because spring is finally here, and I'm stuck at a desk writing this post. I'm not complaining, but yeah... I'm complaining. Also procrastinating. Because I should be working, but that's a story for another day.

Anyway, the portrait... I tried something a bit different for the garden elements, more specifically for the trees... actually, if I think about it, I used this style before, so I'm more likely recycling ideas, but they're mine so that's ok, right? One more thing... I like the dad's t-shirt. Rock on!


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