space notes - app and web graphics

 Even though it's mid-January already, this is my first post of the year here on the blog. Getting myself organised after a long (well-deserved) holiday break is always hard and shockingly, I discovered while editing last year's projects that I don't have that many left to post. We finally did it you guys, we're almost up-to-date with work. I would like to thank myself for being organised and hardworking and... you know the speech. But with everything on track for once, I realise that I don't have all that much new content to post regularly, and new art just takes a while to get done. Well... hopefully, that will motivate me to draw more. 

Until I get that sorted out, here's a project from last year, that I didn't get to talk about here, but which you've probably already seen on Instagram if you follow me there. These cute graphics were made for a really cool project, an app called Space Notes, designed to help you learn everything you need to know about music and help you practice it with a real-life music coach. The design was all space-themed, so no need to explain anything here, it was my jam from the get-go. Sadly the project didn't get to reach its full potential, but it would have been nice to see it come to fruition. And even though my designs were just the beginning of the journey for this project, I'm super glad I got the opportunity to see my work in a different kind of format. I've learned a lot along the way, but most of all, I learned that I can do this.

Let me walk you through this project. Right, let's get things started with the first concept designs, starting from my favourite style of outlined shapes and a splash of offset colour, moving on to 2D shapes and flat-colouring and finally to a more 3D look, with grainy-textured shading.

Then I followed up with some colour variations. These have a more cartoony look overall.

Some app graphics and musical elements that used in the app presentation...

I also made some character-design concepts. But these were in the early stages of development.

And in the end, you know I can't resist throwing in a few mockups as well.

Hope you enjoyed the ride. Y'all come back now.



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