the caretaker

 New year, new week, a new different-kind of portrait is awaiting. Thankfully in this department, I'm behind enough to still have some illustrations left to post for a while. So expect some winter-themed paintings this spring/ summer. But coming back to today's portrait, if you feel the background is a bit too familiar, you're right. We used the same backdrop in this portrait right here, which was commissioned by the same client. And while the first illustration was made digitally, this one is all traditional, paintbrushes, watercolour and all. It was so much fun to see these two concepts side-by-side, in different mediums, and I'm glad to see that my digital portraits are a bit more like the bobblehead ones I used to do, with that cartoonish look. So yeah, if you want a portrait of your own, you can always choose the style and as of recently, the medium you want it in. 



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