the end of all pastry things - beer label illustration

 Yet another collaboration with Bereta Brewing, this time for a beer called The End of All Pastry Things and the illustration for it is exactly that. We really did have fun with this design, and hats off to the brewing guys for coming up with this concept. We took a black hole, shoved a bunch of chocolate and sweets into it, and had some space-gooey goodness come out the other end. Because, you know, "nothing is lost, everything is transformed". The four beer fathers are suited up as astronauts and they are riding their barrels into space and enjoying the show... before, you know, they are spaghetti-fied. Kudos to you if you spot the fifth astronaut. 

I love working on this, you know me and my love for anything space-related, I always enjoy working on projects that centre around this theme. I get to use all my space-knowledge assets and my favourite colour palette. But I will admit, that spiral gave me some headaches to get (almost) right. I guess drawing spirals freehand is not my forté. If anyone knows how to get perfect drawings of spirals in Procreate, let me know.

I don't have the pictures of the actual cans yet, it would've been nice, but fret not, I have made mockups. When I will get the real deal goodness, I'll be posting it all over my Instagram, so keep an eye on it.



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