electric blue

watercolours on paper 50 x 70 cm

I'm rushing the speed of my posting because I have so many works to catch up with, I just want to be up to date so I can show you in real time what I'm doing.

Here's another painting I created some time ago, and I still love this one too. I remember it was a lazy spring, and the teacher came up to us and said "paint whatever you want". I thought to myself "That is insane, what I want? No theme?". It seems easy but it's the hardest thing to do. Because instantly, you loose all your ideas. So for two hours I just sat and thought at what I was going to paint. For another three hours I sketched something starting from spirals and organic life. After that came 16 hours of painting. I worked at that big spiral for about six hours, which makes me laugh now because it's not even a "perfect" spiral. It reminds me of Giger, with that bio-mechanical look to it. I choose blue because of the organic feel to it, which reminded me of the water element.
For the feeling of this post, and my own at this moment, I chose this song, because it calms me, and so does this painting every time I look at it, even though the lines are very dynamic and chaotic. If you see the video, you'll understand... oh, I need to live there for a while, and clear my soul from everything.


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