office wear

This project was all about the wearable side of clothing, the one we all, obviously, know. This was actually the first time I created only pret-a-porter clothes, with no twists, just basic pattern shapes.
So, the idea was simple, create 3 collections for the casual office wear. So that means creating an image for the powerful, career, strong, classy woman... and that's simple... Coco Chanel. I usually don't recommend being inspired by someone else's work, especially if it's a designer, but this was a project for college, and my developme
nt, so, if it's for a process of learning, no harm done. What inspired me from Chanel, were the coats and skirts, so I took those lines and kind of played with them. Also, I played with the monochrome, black and white, I usually do everything coloured, I am coloured everyday, so this was a big challenge for me. I had to put some though, in buttons and accessories (where you see blue in the clothing, it's actually grey, I don't know what happened when I processed the photos).

The first collection (my favourite) kind of sends me to a woman that has very high standards, fashionable, has a very important place at the firm she works in, or maybe owns it, and is definitely sure about what she wants in life.

The second one send me to a flight attendant or a woman that works with people every day. A very kind but imposing woman. Maybe a wife or a mom, but a working mom.

This last one is a bit more youthful, for a lady that has more of a creative job, or works at an office and is a bit more casual but still stylish and fits well in the dress code. I find this woman with a bit more of a wild personality, free, confident and a weekend fanatic.

watercolours, markers, pencil on paper 21 x 29.7 cm


  1. lovely :)
    i really like the 1st and 3rd :X:X:X

  2. I like the first one too :P

    Multumesc super mult! :*

  3. astept PREZENTAREA colectiei :D
    (sper sa nu fie intro sambata:P)

  4. Sper ca ti-a placut. Abia astept sa vad pozele :D


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