oil on canvas 50x70 cm

Blue used to be my favourite colour, until I discovered my love for purple, and fuchsia, and green... I really can't choose one because it wouldn't be fair to the others. But I love blue, because of it's many many shades.

In other words, in 2008 as I recall, I entered a painting contest, the assignment was to create an oil painting with the theme "Sports - seen as a form of expression and communication". And this is what I did. It was my first time ever painting with oil based colours, and at first I didn't like what came out, I loved the fading background, but when I added the surfer I thought I ruined it. It was like a big yellow spot in the middle of the painting. So I stopped working on it for a few days, and then just looked at it from another perspective, the one that says "how can I repair this". So I made bubbles, decomposing the water into circles and also made the surfer from bubbles so he integrates with the entire composition.
Unfortunately the contest was cancelled, and instead they made an exhibition. I don't mind, the painting sits so well on my wall and the entire experience was helpful and a good exercise.

As you might have noticed from my previous posts, painting does not work for me without music, so here's a song that plays now in my play list...


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