This collection is part of a "trilogy" inspired by the Victorian corset. The shapes go towards the haute couture side of design, and tend to look more like ball gowns or wedding dresses... but because of the colours, the wedding dresses could appeal to a more eccentric, out of the box bride.
I kind of made these sketches really fast, you can see the body position repeating, not as many details as you might expected from me, but they are only sketches so I'll settle for that. I don't quite remember why I chose this colour scheme, but in the end, this combination between pink and green, could never go wrong. What I particularly like in this collection are the veils, gloves and hair, that white with pale accents of green and pink. My personal favourite is sketch no 4.
Which one is yours?

watercolours and markers on paper 21 x 29,7 cm


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