It is time for a bit of patriotism. We're one month away from "celebrating" 20 years from the revolution (this video is a presentation of the city of Timisoara, my hometown, with pictures and a song from December 1989, when our country became free from Communism), therefore this post came just in time.

I made this one in 2005, when I was still in high school, based on the Romanian traditional culture. There are some symbolic elements in this composition that define the traditional feel, those being Constantin Brancusi's Endless Column, traditional pots, wagon wheels, old sculptured gates and elements from the national Romanian costume and regional traditional costume.
So now I gave you a little history lesson about my country. The colours are very eclectic, but the main ones are the colour from the national flag (blue, yellow and red).

This one has the same inspiration but with more of a modern, theatrical twist. I put the Romanian touches in the geometric patterns, some designs and techniques of the outfits. The painting became a Daily Deviation on dA, so I'm very happy that it got such a response and people loved it that much. So thank you! I painted this in the summer time, so you can definitely see the warm and happy influences of the season in the colour palette.


  1. what wonderful works .... and congratulation for being daily daviation ... that's great!!! xx

  2. Thank you so very much for everything!

    I'll keep posting so keep in touch! :)


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