This photo shooting was taken this summer, before the Carnivale fashion show, for a flyer of all the designers featured in the show. It was really spontaneous but the result is very pleasing. For the make-up I tried something I later used in the collection, but much more subtle, a pale skin tone and emphasis on the eyes. The t-shirt is a wonderful gift from Andi and it has a harlequin on it and the collars are from my collection.

Photograher: Ina Muntean
Make-up & hair: myself
Design and styling: myself

And this is a small collection based on my Carnivale collection that I made for my printing class. It's somehow the same, a bit more freaky and clowny, with huge shapes, bows, fold, coloured flowy fabrics, rhombus (diamond) prints and evil clowns.

watercolours and crayons on paper 21 x 29.7 cm

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