arz - armour concept

I'm really excited to finally post this design because it was one of my favourites from the armour series for ARZ. I think I had two designs for an exoskeleton and in the end this one got picked for a final illustration. This design was the simple, clean and less gadget-filled one, this being because I imagined all the tech incorporated in the metal plates that make up the suit. 

Arz - armour concept - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

The thing that I like the most about it, I think, would be the colour-palette. I was inspired by our solar system's wonderful red planet and I also wanted to step away from the typical metal shine and coats of armours in general. So I used red and burgundy tones, with black and marsala accents, giving it this bloody look, which to me, in a full-on space-fight would look like serious business. 

I also kept the mid-waist power source we used for the other armour concepts and the fibred bodysuit from underneath. This bodysuit I always envisioned to be like another layer of skin, with a protective property from any type of environment found in the multitude of worlds existing in a galactic-travelling mankind. And the second layer of each garment would have its own properties, whether it was a military purpose, a space-exploration one or just designed for a specific world environment.

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