watercolor birds - tattoo designs

During my searches and explorations of mother nature, drawing all those illustrations from the plant project, I've also tried painting some creatures as well. These little birds were also intended to be tattoos and maybe be used as fillers if the full sleeve design had some space left, but since the plants filled it all up, and they had way deeper stories, the birdies were left out. But maybe not for long, maybe they will be a tattoo project somewhere in the future.

Bird illustrations - watercolour on paper | ~ 10 x 10 cm

Nature and watercolour seem to blend really well and I like seeing this technique in something other than my fashion illustrations or the cute portrait project I've got going on. And until they will be put to good use again, I've hung them up on my wall of art, which is in a very primitive phase. Soon though, I hope I'll run out of space.


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