the crafters

I mentioned today's topic in a WIP photo I've posted on my facebook page last week. As I've said, this portrait, along with another, were going to go on a long journey, across countries, all the way to a sunnier side of the Earth. So this excites me, but then again, I'm a bit jealous to know that my works travel more than I do. But I'm glad they make people happy.

The crafters custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 29,7 cm

This couple were very passionate about their work, he repairs guitars and she's into crafting and designing, so it seemed only fitting to draw them next to their working desks. When we started working on this project, she just found out she was going to be a mom, so we included that as well and I still feel honoured to be amoung the very few people to know that at the time (yes, I've much more sensitive to these things since I became an aunt).

theme | sewing machine, fabrics, guitar & tools, tracking boots, skull, parrot
colour | various


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