the shire family

 The Different-kind-of-Portrait of the day is set in a magical place called... New Zeeland. But if you are a Tolkien fan, then you also know that the movie, Lord of the Rings, was shot in this magical place. The landscapes are just breathtaking... so I've heard. I've never been but I'd go any day. So when I got the documentation photos for this portrait and saw it was with a lot of New Zeeland backdrops, I was hoping there was a hint of a LOTR reference in there somehow. I got my wish. I loved this family immediately. Not only that but look at them, they are like supermodels. And they travel all over the world and with their kids too, I mean common'... does it get more awesome than that? I honestly wanna be a kid in that family. I bet I'd grow up to be an awesome adult. Unfortunately for me, I am already grown up. And still haven't seen The Shire. Darn.



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