the festival people

The festival season is long gone but I'm glad I had the chance to capture some of it's glory into two awesome portraits, of people who enjoy music, travelling, nature, but most of all, each other's company.

The Foxes are getting married / custom portrait
- watercolour on paper - 

I just love this one, and all its little details, the foxes, the NASA logo, all those went straight to my heart. I really went all out and lost myself in creating the background and the clothing, everything.


The Festival People / custom portrait
- watercolour on paper - 

And for this second one, I was oh so happy to finally have made a girl with a fun coloured hair. It was so fun and a good break from all uf us with regullar boring hair. And those foresty landscapes of Brașov city, were a good familliar place for me.


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