geometric rainbow dog - tattoo design

You may or may not remember the rainbow geometric dog I illustrated a while ago, but if you were on my insta recently, then it's all fresh. Alright, so that one was the inspiration for the one I'm gonna show you today. But they're not so much inspired by one another as they are more like twins. Ok, maybe not thins, but close cousins. All in all, it's always great when I steal from myself and not from others. Means I made it. I made it mom. 

Now that I'm always drawing on my tablet (that's right), it's like a payoff to go back to paper and watercolours. Luckily I keep myself grounded. Luckily.

I also got a picture of the actual tattoo this time. And in time for this post. That almost never happens. Check below.

Designed by: me
Designed for: Mihai (from Raluca)
Tattooed by: Leti / LaLeti Tattoo



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