girl with flowers - tattoo design

This is a super cool design, I can't believe I didn't post it up until now. It's a tattoo design I made for a friend, a tattoo artist who wanted to enter this design, tattooed of course, in a convention she was participating at. I don't know if she ever used it if it ever got tattooed, but I think it deserves a post here on the ol' mighty blog. She wanted a neo-traditional style tattoo, a portrait of a woman in bold lines, soft colours, with flowers framing it. Now I don't know if I did it justice, I tried my best, even when I try new styles they still end up looking like my own. I guess that's a good thing. Sometimes.

Here she is. Ain't she a beaut?

Also, check the tattoo artist - LaLeti Tattoo. She makes some pretty cool stuff.
She made a lot of my illustrations come to life too.


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