the tiny houses

I'm running out of ideas for titles you guys. Or pairing themes of portraits. This is a challenge in itself. Not only I have to paint everything, I have to think now too? I'm kidding. Today's couples are all about love, like most of the couples I portray. The first couple is all about traditional values. I'm super happy when I get to paint some traditional costumes, those don't come very often, the Romanian blouse does, but not full outfits. So that was fun.

Ant the second couple is celebrating a wedding anniversary, and all that is self-explanatory but I just love the colour palette of this one. It's so warm and summerish.

And of course, both illustrations have tiny, but very meaningful, houses in the background.

The Stone House • custom portrait
—watercolour on paper —


The Romanian House • custom portrait
—watercolour on paper —



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