the unusuals

It's that time again, time for some lovely stories in the form of a-different-kind-of portraits. Now, I'll admit, these are some of my absolute favourites, and not just from this past year, but ever. That's big. The thing they have in common is the quirkiness of the surroundings, but some of the ones that I had the most fun painting are like that. The first one was for an entrepreneur in robotics, a very cool boss who's into Marvel superheroes and Star Wars, so... I liked him already. I hope he likes his team for this gift they gave him. And the second one is of a wine cellar, where to opposites attract, and one where I really unwinded (pun intended) and I painted every little brick.  

Here they are in all their glory. 

The Robot Guy • custom portrait
—watercolour on paper —


The Wine Cellar Costume Party • custom portrait
—watercolour on paper —



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