linear poppy girl - tattoo design

If you haven't already seen this on Instagram, what are you doing? You should follow me. I'm a hoot... on stories. I've already posted this there, so it's only fair I'd post it here too. As I was saying there, this is probably tattoo number 94376416758340 for my sister, she keeps getting more and I have to draw them each and every time. But I can't complain, I have a walking, talking, breathing gallery of my art. Not a lot of people can say that about them. 

Like with most of her tattoos, she comes with the concept, I put it on paper, Attila puts them onto skin. We make a good team. And for this one, you'll see that the real-life tattoo has changed a bit from the initial illustration and that's ok. Not all illustrations are tattoos. But, are all tattoos illustrations? Something to think about.

Linear Poppy Girl • tattoo design
—watercolour & pen on paper —

Designed by: Dushky
Designed for: Ina
Tattooed by: Attila / Bizzzart Tattoo

And fun fact, since we made this, I drew another one for her.
I can't say when that will end up here. But you keep watching.



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