character art graphics

 With each and every new project I like to push myself, even though I complain a lot, even though it's tough and I don't know how to do things and I have to look it up, even though it takes me double the amount of time than I initially estimated. Because even though it feels like I've wasted my time at that moment, in the long run, I think I'm gaining something more. Like this next project, where I was just learning about working with vector shapes and their construction. Whereas now, I can do this in a much shorter amount of time (the normal amount), but now I know how to. I know the simple and the difficult version. And the tough one taught me a lot about new functions that will help me in other cases as well. I still don't think I'm mastering this, but the process of constant learning will always keep me on my toes. Guess I'm that kind of "enjoy the journey not just the destination" kind of person.



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