the colourful family

 I'm glad to do any different-kind of portrait, but this one was special because these are some of my closest friends. I've illustrated them once before, as a couple, here's the link (they are the couple with the red background) and I'm so glad I got to do an update, and portray them as a family too. And I'm also super happy that they don't shy away from colours, so I got to paint each family member in bright shades of red, pink, green and blue, each of the character's favourite colour. I know, in reality, minimalistic colours, nudes and greys look very toned down, classy and fashionable, but in paintings, especially my different-kind of portraits, they tend to look a bit dull. So I'm just over the jeans and nude shirt combo. Some bright colours, something with patterns might take me a bit more time to do, but oh boy, do they look fantastic. Anyway, I'm babbling, here's the illustration of a happy family, hope this brightens your day a bit.



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