timisoara - the city of light - print illustrations

 These were some of the concepts that I designed for the previous project I had, the one about the Timisoara landmarks, that were scrapped. But I kind of like the ideas so I decided to finish the illustrations nonetheless. Even though I just ended up working for myself. I always complain I don't have time to do that anymore. And also, some practice never hurt anybody, on the contrary, it keeps us moving forward and helps us grow. I'm starting to gain a bit more confidence and courage to start new things, which was always a major fear, but I think it will be great in the long run. I can't wait to show you everything, even though personal projects take the longest to finish... or to be considered finished, since my only client is me, I tend to be very critical. 

 I digress, the story behind these is the same as the previous project I just mentioned, you might already know that Timisoara is my hometown, and I care about it deeply, and I miss it every day. Its general atmosphere is just so cosy and chill, which is quite rare for a major city. And without being subjective, Timisoara is not only a city of beautiful cultural and patrimonial heritage, but it is also a city of firsts. Like, did you know that Timisoara is the first European city to have electric public illumination? And the second worldwide, after New York. Electricity and light are also the core concept behind these illustrations, and it is also the theme of the city's running campaign, it being the European capital of culture this year. So yeah, I hope you like them. 



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