the tuscan wedding

 It's the middle of December yet here I am, posting a very summerish painting, I guess I don't call them different kinds of portraits for nothing. While I did get more organised with my posts, especially with the portraits, which were very chaotically published in the past, I'm proud to say that we are now in chronological order, yet we still have a slight delay. And that's due to the fact that I need to wait a bit for these to be received by their rightful owners since most of them are intended as gifts, and also I post one each week. But I'm very happy with this system.

Now back to our sheep (that's a local saying). This week's different-kind of portrait is an illustration of a lovely couple that got married this past autumn and wanted a special illustration for the event. The fact that this wedding took place in Italy stole my heart immediately. And I have no words left for how cute their dog is, she steals the spotlight for sure. 



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