lost tapes vol 3 - vinyl cover design

 Another year is coming to a close and I'm thrilled that for the third year in a row, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the passionate people who created the Lost Tapes project. You might have seen the first and second cover illustrations that I made for them and this right here is 3rd volume of the series. This time the music on the record was from the eighties era but still from the local scene. And if you are also familiar with the local history then you know that the 80s (especially the last part of the decade) were marked by a big revolution for democracy in Timișoara and the entire country. And although that event was a milestone we didn't want to use that within the art direction since the music on the record was a bit more of a funky rock, you know, the kind of music the eighties were known for. But we gave a very subtle ode to that propagandistic movement, with the colour palette, through the bright red, black and white combo. As for the graphics concept, we decided on an old-school boombox, for the front cover, with brightly coloured geometric patterns, that I found present in a lot of the clothing at the time, and a cassette tape for the back cover. I also made an illustration for the booklet, which we also used on the vinyl stickers, with some of the most important landmarks from that era, important for the local music scene as well: The Capitol Hall (Sala Capitol), The Army Hall (Casa Armatei), The Students' Hall (Casa Studenților) and The Olimpia Hall (Sala Olimpia). 

I really love the turnout, and hope you do as well. I'll be posting WIP videos, as per usual, on my Instagram and TikTok accounts, and as soon as I get my hands on the real-life vinyl, I'll post pictures on my stories, so stay tuned.



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