lost tapes - vinyl cover design

 The collab streak continues, but this time I got one straight out of the press for you, it literally couldn't fresher (since I've just sent the final artwork earlier this week). Now, this is a first, even for me, well... especially for me. 

This project is very dear to me, not only because it was crafted by the person who shaped my taste in music from my very early years, the very person who helped create, shape and support the local music scene in the nineties and the noughties, but also because it is about that very music, about those bands that I grew up listening to and last but not least, about the city I love and call home, Timișoara. Any project that I take part in and is about this city just makes me proud to call it my hometown. 

I'm not gonna lie, this project was a bit (a whole lot) of a challenge, I pretty much had the creative lead on this and I don't think I ever had the lead in anything before. It was also the very first vinyl cover art that I did and I'm not even going to say how many firsts I've had for designing everything for it. But I feel that all of these new challenges have helped me grow as an artist and designer. So I hope I nailed it and made those people proud. 

The launch event took place this weekend in Timișoara, I deeply regret not being able to be there and re-live those times, but I sincerely can't wait to get my hands on this vinyl. I'll post some pictures of it on my Insta when that happens.



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