tawny owl - beer label design

 Oh, we are way behind schedule with these. Since our last episode (The Athena Owl) we made... hmmm... about 11 more labels. That's a lot. We even changed the template, since the beer cans changed as well. But we'll get there. Don't panic. Please. Be cool. I was actually talking to myself. Where were we? Oh, yes. Here's where we left off:

Pretty new mockup, innit? 

Today's owl is the Tawny owl. It's very pretty. Probably the last one I did as a mix between traditional and digital art, I think the ones to come are all full digitally drawn. But that's not to say we'll never go back to some beautiful watercoloured ones in the future. Hopefully, this collaboration will be so long that I'll run out of ideas. But back to Tawny, she's, of course, one of my top favourites. Why? Did you see the space background? 



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