overgrown wolf - tattoo design

 Long time, no tattoo deisgns. But I have a legitimate reason for that. I kind of limited my work in this area, of customised tattoo designs, because, to be frankly honest, I've had some difficult clients along the way. Don't you just hate it when someone ruins it for everyone? 

Look, I know these designs are important to each and every one, they will forever be on the skin, most of them have so much history behind them or stories connected to them and many people just want to jam a bunch of elements into a design, elements that feel so particular to their story but that also, in the end, have nothing in common with one other. And I usually have to guess what's in a person's mind and put that exact vision on paper, usually with many concepts and alterations, and it's just so time-consuming and exhausting.

So now that that's out of my system, I have to say that I have not given up completely on designing tattoos, I actually love it, I love the challenges they bring me, but I'm now just a bit more selective on what concepts I actually choose to put on paper and put my time into. And I've also made the process a lot easier, thanks to some great tattoo artist friends of mine that taught me well. 

So, without further ado, here's today's design, that I barely talked about... But it's exactly what the title implies, a wolf made up from leaves and plants, part of my Overgrown series (I don't think I've made a separate label for this, but if you type overgrown into the Search box at the top of the main page on my blog, you'll find a bunch of illustrations based on this style). I'm glad I had the opportunity to draw a wolf for the overgrown series, it will make a great addition to the collection. And hopefully, I'll get to add many more animals to it, if not on commission, then maybe just as a personal project (case in which we all know by now, is going to take a long-ass time to complete). 



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