yavez mask - print illustration

 This past year was definitely the year of cool collaborations. The second illustration I did for Yavez was after a signature picture they had, looked pretty badass and they wanted to turn it into a design. It could just as well be a print design, a logo, graphics for advertising, embroidery design and it was actually used on many of those occasions. With every new challenge like this, I can't help but feel proud of all the new things I'm learning. So I'm more than thankful. 

The design is of a mask, the kind you'd use while spray-painting — it probably has a name, I probably should know what it is, but I don't... it is what it is... I googled it, it's a gas mask (but with many other functions as well), ok, moving on. So, a gas mask, but instead of the respirator cylinders (I'm making up names here), we have speakers, because this project is also about music. And we also threw in some cool shades to complete the look. Now, I don't know why I've explained all this, I think the image could have spoken for itself. 

As a bonus, I also did some lettering for their brand, as a signature and it also made it into a clothing design. Yay me.



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