hemorobizy - print illustration

 Today's post is a crazy one. I kept this illustration benched for years, tormenting over whether I should post it or not. It's not that it is bad or anything, it's just that the character portrayed is quite different from what I usually draw. Here's a little bit of context, this person is a very unique musician, some might even say controversial, a one-hit-wonder if you will, and definitely mysterious. No one knows who's behind the grotesque and tacky clown mask, the dirty, spoiled, bad-mouth nutcase with that hard-rock-shaped physique, but one thing is for sure: after you've listened to his music, you will be scarred forever. 

Here is his super-famous hit, so brace yourself, put in your most powerful earplugs and cover your eyes. This could be the most awesome thing that's happened in your life or your worst nightmare.



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