the untold memories

 It's time for a new different-kind of portrait, and today I picked this super colourful family portrait, which is an update to this portrait, and that one is an update to this one. And let's not forget about the first one (the pink one from this post). I practically know this person through so many stages of her life and I'm very thankful that she shared her memories with me and that I could help in preserving those moments in watercolour, on paper. I can't wait to see the collection of portrait paintings that she has gathered by know. But back to the present, the very latest illustration includes their newest family member and some unforgettable memories at the Untold Festival. I don't think it's quite visible in the pictures, but some elements in the background are metallic, I wanted so much to experiment with multiple mediums and my new metallic markers and watercolours, I'm bummbed you can't see it, but in real life, the result was quite awesome. I'll post a video on my Insta and Tiktok, with the process behind the paper, and you'll definitely be able to see it there.



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